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  • New Marketing Trend - Silent Publicity.
  • Beware of the cheater Mr. Martin Engelmann, the owner and medical director of Surgical Experts. www.surgicalexperts.de


    Who knows Mr. Martin Engelmann? I have some bad references about his careless approach to work and his clients.

  • Hello!!

       to all my TO BE FRIENDS from this community! Myself Dr. Krishna Jaiswal, running Medical tourism business from Bombay( INDIA), would like to share with all professional attached to this business that they can utilise our services with good profit sharing basis by referring there patient to INDIA through us. You can also call me on my mobile 0091-9821195077 to discuss about this. THEY SAY THIS WORLD IS VERY SMALL. TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE IT MORE COMPACT, MORE SMALL.

                     Beside this, if you have any other proposal like any business set-up or willing to have medical set-up in INDIA, you can get in touch with me.

    Waiting for your proposal or any comment!

  • I am interested in business models for private healthcare entities; in particular for Centre of Medical Excellence; Tertiary Care Hospitals and other private healthcare projects in the MENA Region and South Asia -
    Who would like to share experiences & contacts with me ?
  • Does anyone have suggestions for live networking groups for Marketing professionals within Healthcare? I am looking to connect with others in the US.
  • @ Vera Helena Muller

    Thank you vera! Please accept my friend's invitation so we can talk about this business opportunity in more detail! Looking forward to speaking with you!
  • Whenever you need any help in Brazil, let me know. We have a project department which offers some opportunities. Contact me.
  • Hi Everyone,

    I am searching for medical advisors, consultants and general employees in the Healthcare Industry. I work for IIG (Innovation Intelligence Group) which focuses on how companies are altering their Business Models in order to create extra value for customers, to remain ahead of competitors and to become increasingly innovative.

    We are currently carrying out research into the Healthcare sector to provide our members with the latest trends, future trends, competitors' analysis and tips on how to implement Business Models to remain competitive!

    Subscribe for our free newsletter at http://www.iigglobal.com/subscribe.html
    or email me at ec@iigglobal.com
  • That's excellent, i would like to hear from polyclinics and hospitals in uae, who are looking for a cost effective HIS and or clinic management system, that can be customized to your needs and the company owner is a doctor himself and they also have quite a few Happy Clients right here in Dubai.
    They also have excellent response to application support. And they accomodate changes as may be directed by the Govts in middleeast, so they cater to needs of changing directives from the govts too.
  • Dear Folks the healthcare industry seems to be pessimistic about a downtrend in businesses but i beg to differ there's a lot happening out there. Though i have been meeting clients only since last 2 months, have been successful in initiating quite a few enquiries and am in the concluding stages of 3 deals right here in Dubai. So dears lets reverse the thinking Trend, change our perception & never lose our Focus.
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