Medical Tourism Definition
The Medical Tourism is the set of activities in which a person travels often long distance or across the border, to avail medical services with direct or indirect engagement in leisure, business or other purposes.
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  • Hi,

    It is really a very good platform for sharing of information.

  • Hello All

    i have just joined this group...hope this platform proves to be fruitful for all medical tourism aspirants...


  • Thank s for this valuable information.

    Other members, pls keep on updating about such type of experience or any encounter with these type of cheating peoples.

    This will really help a lot. Keep it up!

  • Beware of the cheater Mr. Martin Engelmann, the owner and medical director of Surgical Experts.


    Who knows Mr. Martin Engelmann? I have some bad references about his careless approach to work and his clients.

  • Hello!!

       to all my TO BE FRIENDS from this community! Myself Dr. Krishna Jaiswal, running Medical tourism business from Bombay( INDIA), would like to share with all professional attached to this business that they can utilise our services with good profit sharing basis by referring there patient to INDIA through us. You can also call me on my mobile 0091-9821195077 to discuss about this. THEY SAY THIS WORLD IS VERY SMALL. TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE IT MORE COMPACT.

  • Hi,

    I'm putting on a conference: Pioneering the Future in Global Healthcare takes place May 23-24, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Leading industry professionals will come together to strategically discuss how to further develop global healthcare and increase patient numbers. visit:

    Hope to see you there!

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  • Dear Maria,

    You are so right when you said "Whenever I travel with Kuwaiti officials, they seem to be looking to find providers to send Kuwaitis to access care elsewhere".

    Kuwait is not exporting Medical Tourism, just trying to promote it. The event is "nice" unfortunately, the time is very wrong. People leave in the months of June to September every year and accordingly, prepare for it in March to May. Holding a show now is nice but by the time they are ready to leave or, start the preparation, they will forget about the show. Eventually, the advertisers will end up not benefiting from it.
  • Anyone knows someone starting up Medical Travel in Switzerland?
  • Wow, I didn't know Kuwait was exporting medical tourism. Whenever I travel with Kuwaiti officials, they seem to be looking to find providers to send Kuwaitis to access care elsewhere. Please share with us a debriefing white paper on what you find there! I am very interested. Especially if you get to walk a few hospitals and look around. Take lots of photos!
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