Blog - 5 Reasons why people fail to plan to career

5 Reasons why people fail to plan to career

23rd Jul, 2015 By TeamLiveLife In Career

The world of work demands you to have a perfect plan of your career so that you can be a good provider to you family and live a content life. It may be important but there are people who fail to do so or do not even try to plan things. No doubt, when you do not have a plan in your life, you simply have to roll with the punches waiting for a miracle. Here are a few reasons people fail to plan a career:

Career planning has its own limitations

Those people who work at the lower level of an organizational hierarchy may not be aware of the basics of career planning or management, let alone executing their plans. Organizations do not prefer to give priority to the career planning of their employees, as it is a time-consuming process, which may cause them some short-time losses as well.

With a large workforce, it becomes quite difficult to do an in-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses of each employee. Moreover, favoritism makes it next to impossible.

Poor people do not plan

When you find it hard to make two ends meet how can you get time to plan your career or even life? The million-dollar question is that do poor people really have a career. You find it hard to get educated in a family where both your parents have to struggle hard to feed you. The only option seems to be a job that can fulfill the necessities.

When you get a job, you have to let your education take a back seat. Moreover, when you see educated people of your socioeconomic status having temporary jobs on minimum wages you do not feel like studying or focusing on your career. You get used to such life when you have to compromise with almost everything. You have a lot to worry about and career hardly gets a space on your priority list.

Fear keeps you from taking a step further

Even if you spend a day or two and give a serious thought to taking a risk, you fear failure. A risk does not guarantee success. If you do not get success, you may have to sit at home waiting for another option, which may never really arrive. You think about paying your bills and mortgage. If things go bad, you may have to take loans that would only add to your difficulties. Fear does not let you step outside your comfort zone and the result is you fail to plan your career.

Lack of time

Things get hard when you have a full time job and know you have to live up to the expectations of your family members and fulfill their needs too. You work all daylong and try hard to be a good provider to your family and eventually your own needs take a back seat. You know deep down inside you that if you plan your career it would be beneficial for your family too but time does not allow you to do so.


Self-doubt keeps pulling you backward. You make baseless comparisons with others and start feeling down and low. You create mental blocks that keep you from moving on in life. You do not find yourself worthy of achievements.

Even when you get a chance to prove yourself you step back as your fears overpower you. Self-doubt gives you a feeling of inferiority complex. When you do not have full faith in your abilities you cannot convince someone else that you are capable of achieving something big in life. The result is that you decide to go with the flow.

You may have hundred of reasons that keep you from taking a step further but you cannot argue the fact that one single step can change your life forever. You certainly would not want yourself looking for one job after another. When you plan your career, you secure your own future and the future of your loved ones.


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