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Effective ways to deal with procrastination

23rd Jul, 2015 By TeamLiveLife In Live life lively
Most of the people fail to achieve their goals for one common reason. They make perfect plans that guarantee sure success but fail to commit to their plans. The habit to procrastinate takes you miles away from success and keeps you from realizing your dreams.

Psychological issues

Psychologists believe that most people fail to commit to their goals as they feel that they have to be in a right frame of mind. They think that when the right time comes they would take lesser time to accomplish their goals.

The habit to procrastinate may further give birth to the feelings of insecurity, worthlessness and even inferiority complex. In some cases, people who procrastinate may become victims of stress, anxiety and even depression. The chronic procrastination may have ill effects on your mental health.

Why do we procrastinate?

You tend to put things off when you fear failures. The only solution seems to be avoiding the task for an unlimited period. Many others always seek perfection in everything they do, which is a hypothetical situation. Some people fail to realize the importance of time commitments and fail to put in their best efforts.

Even those who want to control everything around them put thing off as it makes them feel powerful and in control. Moreover, the fear of finishing, fear of success and a lack of self-belief may worsen the situation.

How to stop procrastinating and get into action

The ill effects of procrastination can be devastating, as you not only fail to follow your dreams but also develop a poor self-image. Here are a few simple tips to deal with it:

Face your fears

In most cases, fears keep you from moving towards your goals. Once you make up your minds and face your fears head on, you can get confident and take the control of your life in your own hands. Quite surprisingly, most of your fears instigate in your mind and never turn into realty. Imagine your life five or ten years down the line if you do not make a decision and stick to your plans.

Set a deadline

When you do not timeframe your goals, you get the liberty to put them off for an unlimited period. On the other hand, when you know that you have to finish your task with in a particular duration you find it easier to carry on. Make a list of your goals and create an action plans with a due date. Strike off the particular task when you achieve your goal and move on to the nest one. This is the best way to keep yourself in control.

See in your mind's eye

Psychologists believe that when you visualize your life after achieving your goals you get motivated to follow your dreams. Close your eyes and imagine the happiness of your loved ones when they would see you realizing your dreams. Nothing can make you happier. It feels great and liberating. Visualizing your success work wonders and give you the mental strength.

Follow an everyday routine

Come out of your comfort zone and see yourself getting success at each step of your life. Those who do not take a risk do not get success in life. Make it an everyday routine to step out of your comfort zone and pat yourself on the back for every little achievement you make. It can be as simple as talking to a stranger if it makes you nervous. If you follow a perfect plan and develop a winner’s attitude, nothing can come between you and your dreams.

Procrastination is toxic for your dreams as it may lead you to self-doubts. Do not let anything keep you from giving your best once you have made up your mind to achieve your goals.


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