Blog - Negativity or Positivity: Does it really matter what drives you to success?

Negativity or Positivity: Does it really matter what drives you to success?

23rd Jul, 2015 By TeamLiveLife In Business & Leadership
You can never be sure what works for you. You can find millions of slogans and phrases that compel you to think positive. What makes you believe that people who achieve success never really think of failures?

If this is the case, what motivates them to work hard towards their goals? Different people get their inspirations from different situations. What works for one person may not work for the other one. Perfect blend of positive and negative thinking that help you achieve success in life.

Negative thinking may be helpful

On one hand, positive thinking helps you stay motivated but at the same time, it may keep you from trying your level best. People who think positive may develop a fear of failure, which is toxic for success. They want to avoid failure at any cost even if they have to let go off an opportunity that involves risk.

Thinking overly negative is harmful for sure, as you may end up setting goals that are too easy to achieve or you may give up without trying. When you think a little bit negative, you realize that failure is a part of life.

Keep prospective obstacles on mind

When you visualize success, you get lost in the world of fairytales where everything works just fine. You no longer have to work hard or keep yourself prepared to deal with prospective obstacles but the reality is something different.

It may be true that visualizing your goals keep you focused but those who do not keep themselves prepared to face obstacles may have to get disappointed. It is important that along with visualizing your success you spend time to review your progress.

Visions may deceive you

It is good to imagine that you have already achieve success but there is a possibility that  you get lost in good thoughts and let your efforts to realize your dreams take a back seat. Good thoughts of having a dream life may seduce you and you may not want to get into action. After all, it takes nothing to imagine yourself as a conqueror and once you get a hang of it, there is no way to come out of your wonder world.

Think logically to attain your goals

Contrast thinking helps you keep yourself positive without denying the real facts. If you are planning to achieve your goals, you cannot afford to deny the involved obstacles. Winners make an effective use of positive thinking but they hardly deny that they have to work harder to achieve their goals.

Imagine yourself as a successful person ten years down the line but do not forget that you may have to sacrifice your comfort to enjoy success. An athlete who is always busy visualizing him/her self as the best athlete can never get success. He/she must invest time and energy to make him/her self a winner.

Positive and negative motivation

You can motivate yourself to achieve your goals in life. An overview of all the positive outcomes may motivate you to work harder. Rewards, recognitions, respect and other positive consequences encourage everyone but at the same time, you must not ignore the importance of negative motivation.

Make a list of the negative consequences that follow failure. When you associate negative emotions with your failure, you get an inner desire to move away from pain. You would never want to be a victim of sadness, worry, insecurity, pain, self-criticism and low self-esteem.

One must not avoid the fact that a little bit of negative thinking always keeps you on your toes. People who think negative do not close your eyes to the potential threats and obstacles but it is important that you do not make it a way of life.


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