Blog - Playing offence not defense can get you a successful career

Playing offence not defense can get you a successful career

23rd Jul, 2015 By TeamLiveLife In Business & Leadership

It is important to play offence than defense as the only way you can move forward in life is by taking action. People who play offence do not hesitate asking others for help. On the other hand, those who play defense offer help to others around them but that too reluctantly. The truth is that if you really wish to advance your career you must shift your focus from being passive to active.

Offense, a step ahead than defense

How can you really move forward on path of success if you play offence since you really do not take control in your hands and wait for things to happen? At the same time, you cannot deny the role of defense and the truth that a good offence on your part requires no defense. If you keep playing defense you cannot expect to win. Those who keep waiting for the right time when they could get lucky have comparatively lesser chances to succeed. However, even if their dreams come true they may not take proud in their achievements.

Play these sideways

It is true that you need to get into action and find ways others can help you achieve your professional goals but do not forget to consider all the possibilities. You surely would not want to stuff your life with regrets especially something that can take your career in an altogether different direction. Those who hesitate to ask others for help usually end up helping them feeling disappointed in themselves.

Mind your own business

It may be the possibility that the plan you have to move forward in your career may strike the minds of your competitors too but that hardly makes a difference. You must stick to your own plan and put in your best efforts to reach your goals. Always remember that it is not the plan but its achievement that makes you successful in life. Your approach towards your career aspirations takes you a long way in life and no one can actually steal that from you.

The truth is that if you have the capability you can come up with a much better plan to overpower you competitors. It is your attitude that matters the most in the world of work as well as in other aspects of life. You do not need to fight your competitors but think of an innovative plan to hit your targets.

The power to ask

You may have extraordinary skills and effective plans to reach your goals but no one can deny that success is always the result of collective efforts from a group of people. It is an altogether different thing who takes the credit of success. Instead of trying to manage everything on your own, you must ask for help. The power to ask makes you a winner in life. The condition is that you must be polite in your approach.

When you ask nicely, no one turns down your request. Make a list of things people around you can do for you and do not hesitate to ask for help. Keep yourself prepared to offer your help when they need you the most. Your friends can help you look for better career options or an immediate boss can help you widen your social network to pave new ways of success.

Develop a proactive approach, as things do not happen automatically. There are people in every one’s life that can make things easier for him/her only if they get an opportunity to help. The best offence is a best defense as it encourages you to move towards your goals.


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