Blog - Reasons that define why you keep overlooking your true passion

Reasons that define why you keep overlooking your true passion

You may have heard people talking about their passions, things they love to do and things that make them feel on the top of the world. It is quite easy to talk about passion and equally hard to find your own let alone pursuing it. Millions of people who spend a lifetime looking for their passion but never get it. Not to forget there are many who want to achieve something big but do not have clarity of thoughts. Here are a few common reasons why most people end up running into a circle:

Self-doubts are lethal

No doubt, what you do or what you plan for your life simply go down the drain the moment you start entertaining self-doubts. Most people feel that they have to come up with something divine to give life to their dreams. It cannot be possible that all the people who turn their dreams into reality are equally dynamic or super innovative.

Everything seems impossible until someone dares to take an initiative. There are countless businesspersons, teachers, bankers, professionals and artists and each one has his/her own identity. You must be authentic and believe in yourself to follow your passion.

Being too realistic

Dreams are only dreams until your take an initiative. If you do not follow your instincts and always think with your brain, it may be hard to draw a conclusion. Those people who always think logical may end up in the middle of nowhere.

The brain always compares and use past experiences to decide upon things but your inner self always guides you the best. It is important to take risks in life if you wish to find your true passion.

Fears of all kinds pull you backward

If you do not get rid of unnecessary fears, you may always find it hard to give it a go. It is quite natural to have questions that force you to give it a second thought. What if you lost a huge amount of money or chose a wrong passion and many more. It may be hard but not impossible to move on regardless of fears. If you do not take an initiative there is no chance you can get success.

Neither hard nor too easy

Those people who keep waiting for the right time or believe that someday they would get to know about their passion just unexpectedly may never get it. It is not that hard to get to know your true calling but at the same time, you cannot live in your dream world without trying to get to know your true passion. Take your time, believe in yourself and never give up.

Comfort bubble

You may never get to know about your true passion if you simply follow the rules and keep yourself busy in your fixed routine. Until you come out of your comfort bubble and dare to risk all you have, you would still be miles away from your passion. Take measurable risks in the beginning, use everyday achievements to keep yourself motivated and take it to another level gradually.

What if you have no time

Those people who say that they do not have time to find their true passion must understand that they do not need to sit alone in a corner or spend hours thinking about it. It is simply doing what you love to do the most. You can easily take out fifteen minutes each day especially when it ensures your happiness and success.

Passion simply put is the thing that brings out the best in you, something you can do all your life without feeling bored. It may be hard to find but once you come face to face with your true passion life surely changes forever.


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