Blog - Reticular Activating System and its relation to goal achievement

Reticular Activating System and its relation to goal achievement

23rd Jul, 2015 By TeamLiveLife In Business & Leadership

Reticular activating system works wonders for those who know how to use it to their advantage. It not only helps you appreciate what you have but also helps you turn your dreams into reality. RAS is that part of the brain, which works as an automatic goal-seeking device. It helps you get the information that suits your self-beliefs. Thus, your belief system determines your success or failure in one way or another.

The role of RAS

The Reticular Activating System (RAS) bridges the gap between your self-beliefs and environmental factors that match them. RAS plays a crucial role in your success or failure as it gathers the relevant information best suited to your self-beliefs. It gives an indication to your conscious mind the moment it gets the information.

Each individual responds differently. Some people are always excited to face challenges. On the other hand, most others do not want to come out of their comfort bubble. The way you react to a particular situation largely depends upon your thoughts. You must coach your RAS to work in your favor.

Instruct your reticular activation system to identify specific goals and you will be surprised to see that regardless of your attention it helps you find what you had instructed it to locate. It provides you the exact information you need. You only need to have clarity of thoughts and RAS helps you achieve your target.

Reticular activating system helps you attain your goals

Reticular Activating System is one of the most important factors that help you achieve your goals. You program your RAS with the help of the information that you have on your conscious mind. To your amazement with the help of RAS, you can attain any goal if you make it your one mind determination.

The condition is that the theses goals have to be realistic and you must not entertain even a single negative thought as it may take you miles away from success. When you feel you cannot achieve your goals your unconscious minds takes you in the same direction.

You must remember the fact that you must differentiate between the real events and artificial reality as RAS cannot do that by itself. It only believes and acts upon the information or message that you provide it.

Reticular activating system and goal setting

Reticular activating system works for you when you develop a positive outlook towards the external world and feed good thoughts to your brain. You must know that you are a unique individual with different needs and requirements.

Be thankful for what you have as it helps you stay positive in life. When you live your life with utmost positivity, RAS starts working for you. Those students who always believe that they could score excellent marks in their exams perform much better than those who entertain doubts and fear failure. RAS system may help you set big goals and achieve them when you have a firm belief in your ability.

Why to input information

Once you learn the method to use your RAS effectively, nothing can actually come between you and you goals. Learn to input images and information that match with your goal. This way you can convey the belief that this goal is an integral part of your life and once RAS gets the message, it starts working in the direction. RAS arranges the information and resources you need to realize your dreams.

Effective methods

The methods to input information are quite easy yet effective. Visualize that you have already achieved your goals and imagine the happiness you would feel in your heart. Stay in touch with those who have already achieved what you wish to achieve in life. Within a span of a month, you will form new beliefs that would get you close to your goals.

No matter how hard you try to realize your dreams without your reticular activating system working for you it is next to impossible. Once you learn to coach your RAS, It works a magic wand to realize your dreams.


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