Blog - To achieve a bright future, don’t take your present for granted

To achieve a bright future, don’t take your present for granted

23rd Jul, 2015 By TeamLiveLife In Live Life Group

Failures and mistakes from past turn you into a better person and enable you to make wise decisions in life. You must make plans for future so that you give a direction to your life instead of rolling with the punches but should not forget to enjoy the present. Most people usually fail to live in the moment. They are either lost in their past or making plans for future that steal their ability to collect happy moments of everyday life.

The importance of present

Time once gone never comes back no matter how hard you try. You can make money, earn degrees, work on your relationships and live your dreams but it is simply next to impossible to turn back time. Each individual is aware of the fact and knows that present is valuable but even then most fail to live by the truth. Instead of making good memories people spend valuable moments cribbing over their past.

Some others are always busy making plans for future and fail to acknowledge the fact that it is all here and now. You can solve half of your problems only if you learn the art to live in the moment as today’s mistakes are tomorrow’s regrets.

Get inspired from kids

It is quite surprising how kids live life to the fullest. They do not think about what happened in the past or what future has got in store for them. They simply follow their instincts. Unlike grownups, they do not take a lot of time to come back to a normal life even after crying their eyes out. There is no one who can teach you to live in today better than kids.

For kids, each day brings a new life regardless of anything else. Embrace the inner child in you as happiness stems from within. Do what your heart tells you to do and live life as if there is no tomorrow.

Go with the flow and embrace your challenges

When you find it hard to take the charge in your own hands, simply go with the flow. Universe has a plan for each one of us and that is much better than your own plan. Have full faith in ways of universe, as you may not get what you desire the most but something you need the most would always be there for you.

Forgive yourself

No doubt, you may have made many mistakes in your life but who doesn’t do that. It takes many good and bad experiences to give a right direction to your life. Do not expect yourself to be perfect as you are only a human being who is destined to make mistakes. Some things are meant to happen and it is useless to blame yourself for them.

Pursue your passion

The only short cut that leads you to a happy and productive life is your passion. Find your passion and pursue it on regular basis. Things you love to do the most do not let your life get monotonous and make you feel complete. Think even beyond it and take it to another level as you always have an option to turn your passion into your profession.

Learn to live day by day

Make plan to be at your best each passing day. It is not that hard to chunk your big goals in daily targets. At the same time, it helps you move forward on path of success. Learn from past but do not get lost in it. Do not let anything steal your happiness.

What’s done is done, you cannot change that and future will surely take care of itself. Learn to look ahead in life, as time is priceless. Life has beautiful surprises for those who do not let happy moments pass by them and do not lose a single opportunity to make happy memories to cherish forever.


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