Blog - Use the mind mapping technique to set smart goals and achieve them

Use the mind mapping technique to set smart goals and achieve them

23rd Jul, 2015 By TeamLiveLife In Social & Community

Mind mapping helps you organize the information in the form of a diagram. You start with a key concept that is kept in the middle of the chart. Along with it the words, images and colors display the associated representations in a powerful graphic technique to unlock the mind to its full potential.

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is an effective way to have much more detailed information of your goals. It enables you to look at all different aspects of your goals that are helpful. Mind mapping helps you learn and analyze important facts.

What are the small goals involved in achieving your big goal? What information needs to be collected? How much expense would it cost? How would you go about it? Mind mapping gives a crystal clears picture of your goals, which makes it easy for you to achieve it.

Use mind-mapping techniques to set your goals

Mind mapping helps you study, analyze, plan and finally achieve your goals. Thoughts and dreams that seem vague and unclear start making a sense with the help of mind mapping. Take a plane paper and write your goal right in the middle, which is the key thought for the mind map.

Draw lines that originate from the key thoughts and these will be the tasks that would lead to your big goal. Jot down all the relevant information as each little aspect of your goals can give you a new direction. Place this mind map in a place where you can see it very often so that it motivates you to put in your best efforts.

Achieve your goals with mind mapping

Mind mapping not only gives you a clear picture of your objectives in life but also guides you about how to go about it. It tells you what are you goals, whether they are realistic or not and how to achieve them. Along with everything else, it also lets you know whether you are making a progress, which works as a reality check. Let us have a look at a few steps to reach your goals with mind mapping:

Where you are right now

The first and foremost thing is to analyze your current situation. A SWOT analysis mind map may help you understand how you can utilize your strengths and what the potential obstacles are. Opportunities to improve and threats that may divert your attention further simplify it. You find yourself able to set achievable goals that allow you to make the best use of your abilities. When you are aware how much hard work is needed you can set SMART goals.

Keep a record of your goals

Mind maps that involve SMART goals guarantee success; the only condition is that you have to work hard to achieve them. You must have clarity of goals and timeframe them to ensure success. Break down your goals in small targets as it keeps you motivated and up spirit. Writing your goal on a mind map makes them look attainable.

Mind map the tasks

You may take the liberty to shift your focus from the big goal for a while and concentrate on the tasks that help you achieve the big goals eventually. Most people fail to chunk down their goals into smaller goals or tasks and give up even without trying their level best. This is the biggest mistake as with the bigger goals you can write the tasks on a mind map and move towards success.

Differentiate between those tasks that need your immediate attention. One must review his progress on regular time intervals as it helps you modify your goals. Do not forget to analyze your performance in terms of what was expected and how much progress you have made since last review.

Those who use mind maps in everyday life are comparatively more successful and productive as they make the best use of every single minute. They know their progress on daily basis and are happy and satisfied with their lives.


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