• The importance of Visiting your Doctor Every Year.
    When was your last annual review? Can’t remember? It is a sign that it is high time to make an appointment. Visiting your doctor regularly is important, even if you are in good health.

    Why should you see your doctor regularly?
    There are many reasons why you need to see your doctor every year or…[Read more]

  • Sales of UAZ in June headed for growth
    After the May drop in demand for products of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, the June growth, albeit small, can be considered the beginning of a positive trend. Whether it will receive development will show new statistics.

    According to the results of the May sales of UAZ, domestic analysts started talking…[Read more]

  • Facts about Marketing Books
    Writers about marketing are, by and large, the inventors of the terms. With books, they “sell” the concepts they invented . So:

    J. Trout from book to book “sells” differentiation;
    F. Kotler sells the idea of ​​phased marketing: “1.0 2.0 3.0” and “social marketing”;
    R. Reeves sold the concept of “uniqueness” he inv…[Read more]

  • Atlas Shape Provided the Fitness Bracelet with a Personal Trainer – Audio tips in real time have been added to the heart rate control function of the fitness bracelet.

    Atlas, a start-up who has released an exercise-oriented Wristband fitness bracelet, is returning to the market with another device for the gym, Shape, which brings to the gym…[Read more]

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