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    Atlas Shape Provided the Fitness Bracelet with a Personal Trainer – Audio tips in real time have been added to the heart rate control function of the fitness bracelet.

    Atlas, a start-up who has released an exercise-oriented Wristband fitness bracelet, is returning to the market with another device for the gym, Shape, which brings to the gym routine a personal touch.

    The narrow bracelet looks quite like a classic fitness tracker , has streamlined shapes that feature both Wristband and Wristband 2. He also considers approaches and analyzes your condition, but now you can get real-time coach advice and also communicate with a robot trainer through a specialized application, if you have headphones.

    Shape monitors activity, sleep, metabolism and exercise to make personal training more effective through the Coach AI app. There you can find exercise programs, the application recommends rest, when you need a pause and gives many other recommendations to help keep you in shape.

    The Atlas app for Android and iOS stores data about your workouts and manages home workouts using the built-in heart rate controller without using exercise machines. It is also compatible with Google Fit, Apple HealthKit and has a nice interface, backed up with the Spotify and Pandora music players.fitness tracker sports

    Shape developers announce a touch screen to switch between data tables, protection from water at a depth of 1 meter and battery life up to 10 days when registering exercises and up to 5 days when the heart monitor is connected to it.

    Being only launched on Kickstarter, the project of making a fitness bracelet already promises to collect up to $ 50,000. For a minimum donation of $ 59, you can get a copy of the bracelet, which will be released much cheaper than the stated market price of $ 129. I am glad the news that if the developers fit into the plan, the release of the device will occur in June 2017.

    We all have long become attached to the Atlas Wristband, which remains our favorite fitness bracelet , but the design of the device left much to be desired. Fortunately, in Shape fitness electronics and motion sensors are enclosed in a more streamlined and pleasant body. This is really what we are waiting for so long as we don’t wait to try it out if the release of the device happens on time.

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