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    Facts about Marketing Books
    Writers about marketing are, by and large, the inventors of the terms. With books, they “sell” the concepts they invented . So:

    J. Trout from book to book “sells” differentiation;
    F. Kotler sells the idea of ​​phased marketing: “1.0 2.0 3.0” and “social marketing”;
    R. Reeves sold the concept of “uniqueness” he invented (USP);
    D. Ogilvy – the very concept of “advertising”;
    Chan Kim, Rene Moborn “floated” into their “blue and scarlet oceans”;
    S. Godin is more of a personal and business motivator than a marketer “don’t be afraid to be different,” he says: “be a Purple cow”
    E. Rice in half with the aforementioned J. Traut – co-authors of the idea of ​​”positioning.” They have all the current books about it;
    Porter, I. Ansoff worth reading when you want to understand the difference in their concepts of development strategies;
    D. Kennedy is worth reading if you are interested in the role and importance of texts in marketing;
    J. Lambin specializes in marketing management;
    P. Drucker, being a business modeling specialist, generally said only one thing about marketing, but he “dug in” this for centuries:
    The goal of marketing is to make sales efforts unnecessary.
    Only for this single thought, all subsequent generations of marketers will be grateful to him or hate him!

    There is one father’s publisher of marketing translation books, so he doesn’t sell anything – he just has nothing to sell)) When you pick

    up a book from a shelf in a store, understand that
    A book is not always the source of your knowledge, but it is always a source of income for its author!
    On learning, organizing knowledge and conceptuality
    It’s not necessary to read everything, how often it is recommended that you’ll “penetrate” and “dive”. It is even harmful! Read, usually with the purpose of:
    to study,
    to systematize previously acquired knowledge;
    get acquainted with other views on the studied and systematized material.
    Well, still read Daria Dontsova 🙂

    Learn marketing …
    You need to study marketing with textbooks. We are looking for and open books like: “Fundamentals of Marketing”, “Marketing Management Course”, “Marketing Communications”, “Marketing Channels”, “Marketing Encyclopedia”, “Marketing. Manager’s Guide” published by head. departments of marketing and economics of universities. Open, dive and learn. Somewhere at hand we certainly have a glossary of marketing terms . It will be tedious!

    Systematize knowledge …
    To systematize knowledge can only be having them. Trying to grab books from different shelves and knowledge from different areas is bad. You can only systematize the similar, if you already see the outlines of the system. Therefore:
    we read different authors but on the same topic,
    or a very systemic literature, within the framework of one topic, consistently immersing in the system.
    To systematize, logically, books with titles: “Marketing Strategy”, “Marketing Thinking”. “Sales Marketing” (“Trade Marketing”), “Advertising Marketing”. “PR in the marketing mix”. That is, we choose to study one topic, say, advertising, and we read all the books, where not one chapter, but the whole book, speaks about advertising.

    Note! There are interesting multi-volume editions or folios about all aspects of marketing. To systematize it is absolutely not necessary to read the entire book “from cover to cover.” Very often, the book contains many different thoughts, touches on several related aspects, and often, it is so different about things that it unites everything that is written only in its cover. This is done by the author consciously – that is how many pages should be in the book ordered by the author or in order for the book to look more weighty and sell better. Building a system, read not books, but chapters, plunging into the topic!

    By the way, for organizing knowledge in the field of “marketing management”, it is best to read F. Kotler. This glorious husband – a talented system integrator – is one of the few marketing specialists that collects disparate concepts into a system of attitudes, relationships, and a set of tools.

    For example! If the systematic knowledge in the field of trade marketing would be important to you, then before that, first, you need (at least briefly) to study “Marketing Management”, “Fundamentals of Marketing”, “Economics”, “Sales Practice”, “Building Trade Channels” “,” Merchandise logistics “and only then study the methods and forms of promotion, merchandising, read about” outbound marketing ” redleos(.)com , about BTL, etc. This will allow you to systematize knowledge.
    Deal with concepts …
    Concept is not what you think 🙂 . The concept is a special way of interpretation, point of view, system of views, a special way of understanding the phenomenon, event, subject by the author.
    The concept is the author’s view of the subject. And not the fact that this look is not a curve.
    This author’s way of interpreting allows the author to draw a certain conclusion. Often the concept changes, transforms the existing and established belief system. Pro concepts often say: innovative, false, controversial.

    Conceptual literature , which publishes much, is necessary to read if other views on the system are interesting. In this case, naturally, the system in the head should already be built. Otherwise, such marketing literature, written in a specific language and style, understandable only to experts, except as “gibberish” can not look. The most important thing is that without the reader having a system of knowledge, after reading this kind of literature, pseudo-ideas will be born in the head, false theories that cancel the very principles of marketing.

    Studying concepts and reading marketing books about NPD, Blue Oceans, Marketing 3.0, Differentiate or Die, Cost-Oriented Marketing – a pointless idea if the marketing specialist has no system knowledge!
    About the marketing system;
    There are several basic concepts recognized throughout the marketing world. The marketing science itself is built and developed on these concepts. With the study of these concepts and the need to systematize knowledge. What is this concept?
    There is the concept of “Marketing Complex” (4P, marketing mix) – this is tea leaves in tea, A.S. Pushkin in poetry, a hammer in construction, a cow for sour cream.
    There is the concept of “Promotion Mix”. Reading about this means trying to understand what advertising marketing and PR are and how to promote an idea, product and brand to the masses.
    There is a concept of “positioning”. A clearly expressed position allows one to be heard by those who have the same views on life, products, prices, methods of purchase, methods of consumption, and so on.
    There is the concept of “Branding”. If you do not have a name, then how to contact you!?
    These are the four pillars of marketing – four basic concepts.

    Everything else in marketing, like beads, is strung on these four basic concepts. Among the things that are strung together, there are “beads” about nothing, someone is trying to string frankly false, and there are very important and special elements of knowledge, without which these four concepts, the understanding of which has no practical meaning.
    Where to get special knowledge?
    Having gained knowledge, having systematized it, it is worth getting acquainted with narrow-specific concepts. Among the important:
    Marketers specializing in the creation of products, you should definitely read about the concept of developing a new product – NPD (New Product Development). However, there are only books in English.
    Marketers engaged in building relationships, ready to recommend to explore the concept of “Loyalty” and, in particular, read about the pendulum of loyalty .
    The concept of “Marketing Management” is important to marketing managers. Knowing its basics is important for everyone, but in-depth knowledge is important for administering and managing marketing processes, marketing objects, and marketing teams.
    About event marketing it is worth reading to anyone who is interested in “party”, shows, events – as a marketing tool.
    The book “PR white and black” will be of interest to anyone who is no stranger to public relations as a marketing tool.
    Books on “advertising marketing” will allow you to understand how advertising is different from marketing ?
    There are a huge amount of books on Internet marketing, but you need to start reading them by trying to understand what is the role of the Internet in the promotion complex (promotion mix)?
    There are also concepts : “effective marketing”, “social and ethical marketing”, “concept of inventory management”, etc.
    In other words, choose one of the 4 “Pi” and study everything that relates to this element of the marketing mix, with a special and careful study of the special literature in one of the marketing directions in the selected element of the mix.

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