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    Amber typical general-purpose polyimide film

    Amber typical general-purpose polyimide film is widely used in mechanical, electronic lines, which is successfully used under temperature -269℃-400 ℃。Widely used in high temperature tape, class H motor/ traction motor/transformer insulation, magnet wire wrapping,insulation gasket,etc.

    Specification(thickness): 1mil-10mil

    High temperature resistance
    Good tensile strength
    Excellent insulation property
    Flame retarding

    Polyimide silicon tape
    High temperature label
    FCCL stiffener function
    Die cut
    motor/transformer insulation

    Available thickness: 12.5um 25um 50um 75um 100um 125um 175um 200um 230um 250um

    Application of thin film
    In short, in the field of electronic and electrical, as insulation materials, polyimide films are widely used in aerospace, marine, general weapons, electromagnetic wires, cables, transformers, stereo, microphone, mobile phone, computer, hair straightening pliers , motor, pressure sensitive tape substrate, semiconductor encapsulating material high temperature, dielectric, industry and communications, petrochemical and other instruments. buy Amber Polyimide Film

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