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    In the late Ming Dynasty, there were barbarians, Japanese pirates robbed everywhere, plague, famine raging across the world. In order to save people from world as hell, each player will play a spirit by collecting resources, overdraft power, and ultimately save the people.
    This is a Chinese traditional belief as the theme of the game: Battle of Gods divine.
    The theme of the spirit confrontation is that the player acts as one of the gods and obtains the largest number of believers in the Greater China region through the use of his divine power and followers. The game takes the area control in the tabletop game as the main mechanism, takes the game card and plays with the character special skill as the auxiliary mechanism, forms the game which the player takes the goal to seize the Greater China territory.
    At the same time this game to play with the greater Chinese perspective to look down on the game, while allowing players through the game process for the history of Chinese Traditional gods have a deeper understanding, so that players would actively seek more relevant knowledge, is a Chinese history and belief in the combination of a strategic game.China New Game factory

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