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    Full automatic with drip tray filter press
    1. Introduction
    This filter press add drip tray to help discharge the filter cake, and no leakage when filter.
    Full automatic drip tray belonging to the matching device,two coordinated working boards are installed under the filter plate of the filter press,during the filtration process, the two boards are in a closed state, and the dripping liquid in the filtering process or the flushing water of the filter cloth can be introduced into the connect liquid trough to ensure that it is not polluted.
    After the filtration is completed, the two boards open and the unload the filter cake. Go to the next filter cycle. The system is small in space and reliable in operation, and is well received by users. Our company’s drip tray system has reached the international advanced level.
    During the filtration process, due to capillary leakage of the filter cloth, there will be dripping between the filter plates, which will pollute the environment and increase the moisture content of the mud in the sludge tank below the filter press, causing a lot of trouble for the operation.
    The automatic drip tray system designed by our company can collect the dripping liquid of the filter plate, avoid the pollution of the filter press working site, and avoid the infiltration of the dehydrated material in the sludge storage tank.
    II.Interpretation of Model Type
    1.Filter press type: X: Chamber filter press
    2.Maximum filtration pressure: 10:1.0 Mpa
    3.Filtrate discharge type: A: close discharge
    4.Plate shifting type: Z: automated
    5.Auxiliary function: F: drip tray system
    6.Filtration area: Unit: 80㎡
    7.Filter plate dimensions: length*width: 1000*1000 unit: mm
    8.Filter plate materials: U for reinforced PP
    9.Cake washing type: K: cake washable
    IV.Technical Part
    Item Name X10AZF80/1000-UK
    1Filter area(M2)80
    2Filter pressure(MPa)≤ 1.0
    3Filter temperature (℃)-10~90
    4Total chamber volume (m3)1.125
    5Qty of filter/membrane plate (pc)49+1 head+1 tail
    6External size of filter /membrane plate (mm)1000*1000*60(mm)
    7Designed depth of chamber(mm)30
    8Type of filter plateChamber
    9Nominal diameter of cylinder(mm)250
    10Material of cylinder sleeve27 silicon-manganese alloy seamless steel pipe
    11Material of piston rodQuenched and tempered 45# steel with chrome
    12The max effective stroke of the cylinder(mm)550
    13Material of pressing plateWelded Q235 constructional steel
    14Material of thrust plate and supportingWelded Q235 constructional steel
    15Material of cylinder block and supportingWelded Q235 constructional steel
    16Material of main frameSolid steel of Q345
    17Nominal diameter of feeding hole(mm)DN80
    18Max hydraulic protection pressure (Mpa)29
    19Max hydraulic pressing pressure (Mpa)25
    20The length of main frame (mm)4678
    21Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm)6498*1450*1420
    22Total Weight (Kg)7455
    IV.Filter cloth parameters
    Item No.MaterialFabric TextureWeight
    (mm)±2%Rupture Strength
    F(N/5*20cm)Elongation at Break(%)Air Permeability
    (L/㎡ S)±25%
    Warp±5%Across Warp±5%
    Warp±2%Across Warp±2%WarpAcross Warp
    V. Filte plate
    Hydraulic Station
    Details of hydraulic station
    Jiande Factory
    Tonglu Factorycheap Pharmaceutical Industry Filter Press

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