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    We, Dalian Thomson, have built up profound historical background since 2009 as unique and expert manufactures of Refrigerating Machines, Ice Making Machine, Freezing, Cold Storage, Air Conditioning Equipment and other application of Refrigeration.
    During these years, we devoted ourselves to the advancement and progress in theoretical and engineering techniques, backed by the immense experience and achievement so acquired.
    We have exerted ourselves tirelessly on research and improvement of the quality and construction of our products, parallel with the exploitation and as a result we have deservingly won fame as pioneers in the field, the accomplished levels and standards of our products and techniques being well accepted and highly acclaimed by numerous persons in the industrial field, both at home and abroad.
    It is our continued sincere desire to proceed further with research in refrigerating engineering, applying the knowledge gained to better every aspect of our services, and in close cooperation with parties interested in refrigerating engineering. We firmly believe that this will contribute much industrial benefits both to ourselves and particularly to the general public and our clients.Heat-Resistant (F-X Type) Chemical Pump manufacturers

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