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    Aged select Spruce and Maple, natural dry 5-10years
    Hand applied, food-grade spirit Varnish
    High Quality Ebony or Jujube wood fittings and Ebony fingerboard
    High grade Nylon Strings
    Solid Wood Flamed Viola is Hand crafted to our high standards by skilled craftspeople. Material from high altitude aged flamed maple back and side , old spruce top which had natural dry for more than 5 years.

    Craftman spirit
    Purfling of the violin’s edge
    We use professional double scribe,knife and purfling pick to dig the purfling channel on the edge of the violin box, then put the maple inlaid line in to the purfling channel very carefully, the line consists of three lines maple, the middle lines with natural color maple, the left two lines with dark color maple, the inlaid line can be a protective wall, also makes the violin more aesthetic.
    1. The structure of violins
    A violin is made of more than 30parts,the main parts:front(top), back, ribs(sides), neck, fingerboard, Peg box, Scroll, F-holes, Bridge, Tailpiece, Strings etc.
    2. The Varnish of violin
    The varnish on the instruments has performed its primary function well (perhaps with the help of some extra coats and restoration over time). we use natural spirit varnish and acrylic paints to make the color,it is environmental has no damage for people’s health.
    3. Materials of the Violin
    Our factory select natural dry wood from foreign and China,in general,the front, the sound post, and the bass bar are made of spruce, a light but strong softwood. The back, ribs, neck, peg box, scroll, and bridge are of maple, a hardwood. The fingerboard of a violin is of ebony.

    Inner packaging: some suitable cylinder-shaped paper scroll for support so that could avoid the extrusion
    Outer packaging: brown wrapping paper color or designed box as customers’ requirement.
    Delivery Details:
    In general, 20ft container: 45-60days.40ft container: 60-80 daysViola for sale

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