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January 17

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Mark Osbourne posted a blog post
Although this is an article about pets, it is not meant for pet owners. Living their lives next to their favorite fur balls, they have by now already figured out what makes them an irreplaceable part of their lives. This article is for the people wh…
Sep 12, 2014
Mark Osbourne posted a blog post
Skin sensitivity and proneness to irritations is usually not a serious health issue, but it is one of the more annoying ones. Apart from having to deal with the aesthetic considerations, there is also the unbearable itching, and the fact that you ha…
Aug 29, 2014
Mark Osbourne posted a blog post
Being in shape is extremely important for maintaining the balance in your life. Our physical condition affects all the aspects of our everyday routine - commuting, work, leisure time and our general mental well being. However, many of us simply do n…
Aug 26, 2014
Mark Osbourne posted a blog post
You will often hear from omnivores that vegans are weak and puny and that there is absolutely no chance that a vegan might have a bodybuilder’s body or career. Well, that is absolute nonsense as there are innumerable vegan people who do bodybuilding…
Aug 13, 2014
Mark Osbourne is now a member of Global Writers
Jul 31, 2014
Mark Osbourne posted a blog post
The modern world is full of challenges. We have more opportunities than our ancestors used to have, but with the opportunities come difficulties, and with difficulties comes stress. Evolution did not have enough time to catch up with the advancement…
Jul 30, 2014
Mark Osbourne posted a blog post
Has it ever stroked your mind if eating could help you lose weight? Well, if that’s coming as a wish, we say “Granted”. Here we represent five super foods that actually help you fit into your dream-fit-clothes. We also got the scoop on how to add th…
Jul 17, 2014
Mark Osbourne posted a blog post
When summer finally comes, eating out gets a whole new meaning. Restaurant reservations are often swapped for road trips, while cramped booths make way for adorable picnic blankets laden with summer delights. But creating the perfect picnic is nothi…
Jul 16, 2014
Mark Osbourne posted a blog post
Sexually transmitted diseases are one of the plagues of today's world. Due to the lack of education on this particular subject, many people in rural areas (but those in urban areas as well) engage in unsafe sex which, more often than they would like…
Jul 15, 2014
Mark Osbourne is now a member of Global Community | Community.DrPrem.com
Jul 15, 2014