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Instant and direct communication with the people you want to reach, using the simplicity of text messaging.

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1What is Dr Prem Community?
Dr Prem Community is a new interaction and conversation platform where you can engage in instant and direct communication with like-minded individuals through simple text messages. You can sign up with us, choose a right community and get approved to network and interact with different individuals. You get the opportunity to promote yourself through different social media platforms and can easily connect with your target audience.
2How does it work?
1. Readers have to sign up to the Community via Sign Up page. 2. After that, they will be able to create their Profile Page, join Groups, and also, carry out meaningful discussions virtually. 3. Dr Prem Community also helps users to widen their reach, and get better audience for their ideas or better customers if they are a business.
3Where is community currently available?
Dr Prem Community is a virtual networking platform, which is available on our website.

1What kind of media can I use?
You can send messages in any format you like such as text and voice messages, emojis, photos, videos and links.
2Is there any provision to import numbers and emails in Dr Prem Community?
At present, we do not have any provision to import phone numbers or email contacts in your account. In case you wish to add a list of your contacts in the community, you can send message through the existing communication channel and invite them to join you in this community platform.
3Will other community leaders get access to my data?
We respect the privacy of all our members and are strictly against divulging any personal information. Please read the details in our Privacy Policy.
4How do I join?
Please check our Sign up page.

1I hope this is not a scam or messages responded by Chatbots
You will have a real person sending and responding your messages. Initially, you will get automated messages during the registration process.
2How Dr Prem Community uses my data?
Your data provided during signing up for a community is used by the head to send you personalized messages. For example, if you share your date of birth, expect a birthday message from the community leader or head. You can read our Privacy Policy for more details.
3How can I stop getting messages from a community head/leader?
If you do not want to receive further messages from a specific leader or community head, send the message ‘STOP’ (not case sensitive) to the specific community. If you again want to start receiving message, you can send ‘START’ message (not case sensitive) to the specific community. If you do not want to receive any message from all communities, please email to [email protected]
4I made an error while typing my contact info. How do I change it?
You can rectify your contact errors like your name or location by sending a mail to [email protected]
5Can I report about any unwanted/objectionable text?
If you feel the message form community head/leader is violating our Acceptable Use Policy, please email us at platform-int[email protected]
6Will you be able to delete my data if I do not feel comfortable with this platform?
If you wish to get your data deleted, please email at [email protected] However, community heads/leader may still retain the copies of your information shared and messages that you have sent even after you delete your data from Dr Prem Community.

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