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Top 5 Nutritional Myths That Are Hard To Ignore!!

It is said that- Food is fuel. Eat to live!! Don’t live to eat!! We surely strive hard to have a healthy intake of whatever we consume. Even some of the health conscious as well as fitness freak people prefer to follow specific diet plans for maintaining the healthy fit of their body. But at some of the times, we come across several unwanted nutritional myths that are quite hard to ignore.

With this article, we are discussing such types of myths that make it hard for people to ignore. Let us have a look at those myths:

Myth #1: Natural saturated fat is not good for our health

The above-mentioned statement is purely a myth. The fact is- “Saturated Fat is NECESSARY for the healthy cells of our body and heart. A HEALTHY HEART requires a large amount of SATURATED FAT. The only thing that is unhealthy for our body is the high omega-6 fat that is found in different vegetable oils like the cottonseed, sunflower, soyabean, corn, peanut and many others. The best sources for the healthy fats usually comes from coconut oil, olive oil, butter, palm oil, eggs and free range meat.

Myth #2: Soy foods are healthy and help in preventing heart disease. Besides that, they are among the finest substitute for milk in the infant formulas

The truth is exactly the opposite of what is stated in the above statement. The soy actually does not lowers the cholesterol and even does not prevent any heart disease. On the contrary, the high levels of plant oestrogens found in the products like the soy nuts, soy milk as well as other soy foods put one, especially women at the risk of cardiovascular disease. Some of the major health concerns have also resulted in the ban on infant soy formulas. If you still wish to intake the soy products, you can have it from the stores that offer processed diet meal plans like the Nutrisystem. It is advised to intake these healthy diet supplements offered under verified Nutrisystem coupon codes, at least once to try it out.

Myth #3: One must intake only lean protein

The fact is animal fats contain a number of nutrients that protects us against cancer and heart disease. Also, it offers resistance to body against elevated rates of cancer and other heart diseases which are further associated with a large amount of vegetable oils. Besides that, a saturated fat from meat can be critical for ensuring the stiffness of the cell walls. Hence, one could opt to consume fewer animals and substitute of the vegetable oils for animal fat.

Myth #4: Preferring pasteurized milk over unprocessed milk

The fact is real milk-full-fat that is unprocessed and are from pastured cows can be considered as a full “self-sufficient” food. The raw milk contains a number of enzymes that becomes active as soon as it is exposed to the pH of the intestinal tract and make the milk easy to digest. On the other hand, the pasteurization destroys these enzymes that make it difficult to digest milk protein, sugars and fat.

Myth #5: Red meat consumption increases the risk of heart disease and cancer

The truth is there has been absolutely NO results that correlate unprocessed red meats with cancer or heart disease. The red meat is generally rich in iron and zinc- the nutrients that play important roles in the body’s use of the essential fatty acids.

Summarizing the whole post, it could be said that, there are a number of irrelevant nutritional myths that people can hardly follow. Above stated are some such myths which we have smashed out, especially to help you.

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Cold Sore is a common infectious disorder that makes us suffer in lips and around or inside the mouth with fluid filled blisters. The blister causes pain and itching on the affected areas and can lead to other symptoms. Typically in spite of its association with cold in its name it has nothing to do with cold weather. It occurs due to a virus carried by most people and often recurs to the once affected person. The disease which is not life threatening and mostly get cured on its own is contagious and spreads through contacts of body fluid. Let us have a closer look at various symptoms and treatments of Cold Sore.

Clinical reason of Cold Sore

Cold Sore occurs mainly due to Herpes Simplex virus infection. There are two types of HSV virus, namely HSV 1 and HSV 2. While the first one is mainly responsible for majority of Cold Sore cases, second type of infection can also be responsible for sores inside the mouth. Around 80% of people carry the virus and it is said that once affected by the virus it stays inside the body for whole life. Often the affected person experiences recurrence of the symptoms of the disorder.

Symptoms of Cold Sore

When getting affected for the first time the virus can lead to symptoms or can be non-symptomatic as well. Children under the age of five are most vulnerable to such primary infection as they are most likely to have a weaker immune system against any type of viral infections. In case of primary infection children mostly experience the following symptoms.

  • Fever and persistent headache
  • Sore throat and swollen gums
  • Fluid filled blisters on and around the lips or inside the mouth.

The appearance of the blisters may take a week long time after getting affected by the virus. The blisters usually last for 10 to 14 days. In case of recurrent outbreak of the disease the symptoms can be severe than the primary one. Recurrence of the disorder often begins with symptoms like tingling sensation and itching around the lips and around the mouth. Redness and swelling around the mouth is also a common symptom in recurrent cold sore cases. It takes a few days before the blisters begin to open causing a yellow colored crust on them. These scabs take mostly a week’s time to vanish from the affected area. It has been that the recurrence of the symptoms mostly occurs around the same place.

Treatment of Cold Sore

You cannot get rid of Herpes Simplex virus for the rest of your life once you are infected by it. It can often be non-symptomatic as well. When the virus causes Cold Sore in the affected person the disorder is only checked to relieve pain and ease the discomfort. Cold sore vanishes in few weeks on its own but for pain relief or for accelerating the healing process certain medications are used. Apart from controlling the symptoms the treatment of the disorder focuses on preventing the infection from spreading to other persons nearby. Weak or underdeveloped immune system in children makes them more vulnerable to such infectious disorders and hence preventing children from getting exposed to body fluid of others is important. Let us have a quick look at various types of treatment offered to curb the symptoms of the disorder.

  • Over the counter painkillers like paracetamol can be effective to curb the pain.
  • Anti viral cold sore creams can be applied to the affected area to speed up healing process.
  • In case of acute and painful blisters attending physician can prescribe anti-viral medicines.
  • Some moisturizer creams can comfort the affected area on skin.
  • Prevent spreading of the disorder to other areas of body. So, do not touch cold sore affected area with hands and when touching wash your hands properly.
  • Do not kiss anyone, indulge in oral sex or share food and drink with anyone from the same container to prevent spreading of the disorder through saliva.
  • Do not share personal toiletries or items that are exposed to body fluid. Do not share your toothbrush, towel, razor, spoon, cream, lipstick, etc. with anyone else.
  • Avoid acidic or spicy foods and beverages as they are more likely to flare up the sores.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and stay clear off humid places to prevent sweating.

Though cold sore is still a disorderly symptom the root cause of which cannot be wiped off, painful symptoms can be curbed to a great extent and by maintaining good hygiene it can be prevented from spreading.

Author Bio: Joydeep Majumder is a specialist in preventive care for contagious diseases. In article he discussed symptoms and cure of cold sores in details.

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Dentures Las Vegas: A Brief Overview

Dentures refer to replacements of the lost teeth. They can be put in and taken out from one’s mouth. People do take some time to get used to them as they are only a replacement or an alternative to the natural teeth. However, with advancements witnessed in the cosmetic arena, dentures are looking extremely natural and also give a comfortable feel to the user than ever before.

Dentures Las Vegas has become almost indispensible because they have gone on to add a lot of value to all those people’s lives who have been using them. Dentures are used mainly to help in chewing of the food that is consumed. They are also used for a cosmetic reason too. They make a person look more attractive too. For instance, if a person has crooked teeth in the front, they can be removed and replaced by these dentures. Studies have proved that a significant percentage of population has been opting for full dentures or partial dentures for esthetic sense too. However, if they do not fit in properly, they can give the user the most painful experience too.

Dentures Las Vegas are basically of two types. They are full dentures and partial dentures. The dentist will be the best judge to decide the kind you need to have. Full dentures are fixed to the gums. The upper denture is fixed in such a way that it covers the roof the mouth. The lower denture is fixed in the shape of horseshoe so that it can accommodate the tongue. It definitely would take a day or two to get used to the new addition. Partial dentures rest on metal frameworks and are attached to the natural teeth. If it is just one or two teeth, crowns are used as dentures.

One thing we need to understand here is that these dentures are purely custom made. An impression of arrangement of your teeth is taken and sent to the lab for preparation. As mentioned earlier, people would feel conscious during the initial days. Speaking and eating would appear to be totally new and hence they should concentrate on some amount of practice and getting used to them.

Dentures Las Vegas would offer great service for a very long time if they are maintained well. However, there also may be instances when they have to be re-based or rearranged because of normal wear and tear. With age, there is bound to be some change in the shape of the mouth too. In such circumstances too, the dentures need to be relined. With these changes, they may also become loose thereby making mastication difficult. When the dentures become loose, there is some kind of an irritation developed around the gums. Therefore, it also is essential that you visit your dentist once in a year for checkup.

The person needs to take good care of his dentures in cases he wishes to play a long innings with them. Soaking the dentures in the plain water or cleanser soaking solution when not worn will help preserve the life of the dentures.

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Bacterial vaginosis also known as BV results from an imbalance in the normal bacterial flora present in the vagina of a woman. Normal bacteria in the vagina are harmless and safeguard the body from getting infected by harmful bacteria that bring about diseases. These harmless bacteria are known as Lactobacilli. They are naturally prevailing bacteria that protect against the multiplication of infectious bacteria. This commonly affects women of childbearing age, between the ages of 15-44 and during pregnancy. These bacterial imbalances may be caused by douches, vaginal medications, antibiotics, systemic hormones, STDs, contraceptive preparations and having sexual intercourse with multiple partners which upsets the vagina’s bacterial balance hence increasing the risk of contracting this disease.

It is not known how having sexual intercourse contributes to bacterial vaginosis since it’s not considered as a sexually transmitted disease, however, having these bacteria increases the risk of contracting an STD. Even virgins can get this disease and is also transferable between female sex partners. Males cannot contact these bacteria therefore they do not require treatment. You can’t get these bacteria from swimming pools, toilet seats or bedding.

Most BV cases are asymptomatic. Some of the symptoms for this disease include odor, thin grey or white vaginal discharge, pain, burning and itching in the vagina. You may experience a burning sensation when passing-out urine or itching around the mouth of the vagina. Some even have an overwhelming fish-like odor after sexual intercourse. For those who show no symptoms of these bacteria, when you visit the doctor, he/she will perform laboratory tests with a sample of your cervical secretions and vaginal fluid to ascertain whether or not you have this disease. Some experts also recommend screening of pregnant women if they have a history or premature births, whether or not they indicate symptoms of this disease.

This disease is not as benign as it was thought to be previously. It is the leading cause of vaginitis and is among the most common genital tract infections found in pregnant women. Bacterial vaginosis does affect the baby in pregnant women. Some of the things that are likely to occur in pregnant women infected with these bacteria are:-

  • Premature birth; the premature infant may suffer several health conditions including breathing problems and low birth weight.

  • Give birth to a baby with less weight for example weight below 5.5 pounds in comparison to a pregnant woman with no infection.

  • PPROM (Preterm Premature Rupture Of Membranes)

  • Uterine infection after child birth.

  • High risk of second-trimester miscarriage or spontaneous abortions.

  • Amniotic fluid infection.

  • Preterm labor.

  • Premature membrane rupture.

Treatment of this infection is important especially for pregnant women in order to lower the risk of contracting STDs. The good news is that there are remedies to cure this disease even during pregnancy. For some people, these bacteria go away without any treatment but if you experience some of the symptoms, it is better to seek medical attention. A healthcare provider will prescribe antibiotics for these bacteria. Ensure you finish all the prescribed medication even after the symptoms vanishes. Note that this infection may recur even after treatment.

If you leave these bacteria untreated, you may incur some serious health risks such as:-

  1. Increased risk of contracting HIV if you have intercourse with a HIV infected.

  1. Increased risk of spreading HIV to your partner during intercourse.

  1. Greater risk of contracting STDs such as gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

  1. Risk of getting PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) making it hard or impossible to bear children.

  1. These bacteria may infect the fallopian tubes and womb which results in infertility or damage to the fallopian tubes. It also increases the chances of ectopic pregnancy, a condition which poses as a life-threat.

  1. Greater risk of infections after gynecologic surgery.

  1. Posthysterectomy vaginal cuff cellulitis and endometritis conditions.

In order to avoid all these from happening, seek medical attention as soon as you notice the symptoms.

Author Bio.

This article was written by Joydeep Majumder. In this article, he explains some major facts regarding BV and its effects in pregnant women. It is important you take note of the various useful bacterial vaginosis remedies to ensure safe child birth delivery.

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