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    Feda air compressor is a device that transmit the power into industrial energy and stored in pressurized air, so we called it compressed air. Moreover, one of the most important function according to air compressor is that forces more and more air into a storage pressure vessel, meanwhile the pressure could be constantly increased. When the pressure of storage cylinder reaches its upper limit, then the air compressor shuts off. By the way the produced compressed air is held in the pressure storage tank until the customer would like to use it. This kind of compressed air we store in the vessel could be used as feed air regarding Feda nitrogen generator or Feda oxygen generator.
    Our company, Beijing FEDA, is well-known as one of the professional feda factory gas separation pressure swing adsorption (psa) and membrane air compressor manufacturers in China for its quality products and reasonable price. With the aid of advanced equipment, technology and qualified employees, the cost of the product isn’t high. Please rest assured to buy the generator with our factory.China Vessel

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