• momu333 posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    JS Industry is one of the largest anhydrous calcium chloride pellet manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are equipped with a professional factory and the most advanced technology. Should you are interested in it, please be free to buy products with us.
    Product: 94% calcium chloride pellet
    Purity: 94-98%
    Price:FOB $ 120-180.
    Packaging: 50 pounds, 25 kg, 1000 kg or 2000 pound super bag.
    Calcium Chloride pellets is one of excellent snow melting agent and water treatment chemical agent.
    Our factory output is 60 mt per day,CACL2 have high purity and good effect, it’s also one of environment friendly ice melting agent in the world.dihydrate cacl2 factory

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